Applied Silverlight 5 in Context

Well Apress has given me the go ahead to start working on a book that will take the reader from start to finish in developing a line of business application using Silverlight 5. The first of most chapters building the application using the standard controls provided by Microsoft, while the second half of the chapter will show how to use 3rd party tools to get the job done faster and more efficiently. For example, for the chapter on Entity Framework, I will first show to use WCF-RIA Services for creating the entity framework and accessing the data with CRUD methods and then I will show how to do it using IdeaBlade DevForce for Silverlight. In the chapter on building the views and placing controls on the views, I will use the standard controls found in Visual Studio. Then I will show how easy it is using a 3rd party tool set like Intersoft ClientUI 5.

Here is the initial chapter outline. This may change a little.

  1. Introduction to Silverlight and XAML
  2. Silverlight 5 New Features
  3. Introduction to Design of Sample Application
  4. Silverlight Application Architecture
  5. Design Patterns in Silverlight
  6. Microsoft Expression Blend
  7. Creating Views
  8. Adding Controls to the Views
  9. Styling Your Application
  10. The Entity Framework and WCF-RIA Services
  11. Data Binding
  12. Command Handling and Event Routing
  13. Printing and Reporting
  14. Interfacing with WCF and WF
  15. Testing and Debugging your Application
  16. Browser versus Out of Browser Deployment
  17. Silverlight Applications on Mobile Devices



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2 Responses to Applied Silverlight 5 in Context

  1. Jimmy Petrus says:

    Great chapters.. this would be the first book that I buy for our company’s Silverlight 5 reference.

    It would be great to add a chapter for a real-world case study where readers can learn how to build a rich business application from A to Z.

  2. pierre DELESTRE says:

    This book will be very interesting from my opinion – above all the second half showing capacities of Intersoft ClientUI. I will buy it as soon as it is available.

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