The Best Happy Birthday Ever.

This week I turn 56 years old. I have been in the IT field since 1985. I have run the gambit from programming to database administration to training. I have worked with many different languages, technologies, operating systems, data access methods, frameworks, and third party controls.

I have a confession to make. This last year of programming has been the most fun that I have ever had. I am enjoying every day of work. Why? Because I am programming WPF and Silverlight applications using the two best software components on the market today, IdeaBlade’s DevForce Universal and Intersoft’s clientUI 5.

The satisfaction that I get from programming today is far more than any I have ever received over the last 26 years. I remember programming in Visual Basic and having to work with ODBC, DAO, RDO, and ADO. It was not pretty. It was not simple, and it was not efficient. Now using DevForce, I create my entity framework which maps my classes to my database tables. Using simple methods, I create an entity manager that allows my repository class methods to easily retrieve, create, update, and delete rows from my database tables. My application does not have to know anything about my database or what type of database it is. Data Access in VB and other languages took a lot of time that I could have spent working on the application itself. With IdeaBlade DevForce, I have a fully functioning back end in a very short period of time. Then I just have to write my repository class methods to access the various classes.

Using the controls from Intersoft ClientUI, I can quickly create Views in both Silverlight and WPF that works exactly the same in either technology. The Silverlight apps, both in browser and out of browser, look as impressive and alive as the WPF desktop applications. I have clients who want both Web apps and desktop apps and the fact that I can create one set of views and view models and share them between the technologies makes my life a whole lot easier. The other feature that I really like about Intersoft controls is that they are all built from the ground up with the Model View View Model (MVVM) framework. My apps can easily pass information back and forth between the views and the view models without the need of having them integrated tightly together. My code has never looked cleaner, easier to maintain, and truly structured. I have only one UI tool set on my computer and that is Intersoft ClientUI.

So what, if this week, I get another year older. I am enjoying what I do and look forward to each new day of programming. Hopefully both IdeaBlade and Intersoft will continue to impress me with their software and continue to be the leaders in providing Silverlight and WPF developers with the best controls on the market. Hey, at 56 years old, I have become more productive, work is becoming easier, and more fun. What more could a software developer ask for?

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1 Response to The Best Happy Birthday Ever.

  1. pierre DELESTRE says:

    Congratulations for the love of your job that you know how to communicate to other people.

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